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EXPEDITION CASARE – Angling Frontiers Golden Dorado Flyfishing June 2017

Booked through Fishing with Larry. Our June 2017 Dorado Flyfishing. Thanks Patrick, Matt and Tico and the the Tsimani of Casare Camp for a memorable trip.

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Expedition Casare – Angling Frontiers

B Role Film – Fishing The Bolivian Amazon with Angling Frontiers in June.

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Ajises – Fly Fishing the Bolivian Amazon

Reaching the waters of Ajises, a mythical stretch of river untouched by the hand of man, is a challenge for the spirited adventurer. We were anglers, explorers, naturalists, and indigenous Tsimané all the same, eyes wide with the prospect of gold when we launched our dugouts into the unspoiled wilderness. During the ascent, exotic plants and birds and insects are broadcasted with striking diversity, and the richness of the Amazon jungle is revealed. It is here, where the life giving water flows down off the flanks of the Andes Mountains to feed a thriving food chain. And it is at the top of this food chain, where a divine species of fish is challenged by no other – the Golden Dorado – The Jaguar of the River. The instincts of this apex predator to eat anything in its path are triggered by the frantic movements of the anglers fly. An explosive battle with a monster transpires between the boulders of Ajises and a slab of gold is brought to hand. The fish, a symbol of pristine Amazonia, is returned to her jungle domain and we return to ours, enriched by the pursuit.
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Chasing 24 Carat Gold

The film is set in Bolivia, Chasing 24 carat gold – Golden Dorado.
We set out deep in to the jungle, in search of this golden monster. I spent over 8 weeks guiding several groups up and down the Casare River, Pachene River and its several tributaries. After a few days travel up stream, we had made it to base camp and it was from here that the real journey began. These fish live in one of the most amazing jungles in the world and love to hide out in tight and fast moving water that the rivers provide. They hit hard and fight back adding to the excitement of this life changing adventure. In total isolation (no iPhones or instagram) the vast amount of wild life and adrenaline between anglers seems more real than ever.
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Angling Frontiers – Fly Fishing Expeditions for Golden Dorado in Bolivia

This was our first exploration of the headwaters and ultimately the source of this river system. With a team of indigenous Tsimane tribesmen, we ventured into the unknown and discovered something too beautiful for words. This was how the planet was back before man dominated it.
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What kind of Meat?

A fly-fishing journey to the Bolivian Amazon. We wanted to experience the rawness of the jungle in the richest ecosystem on earth, to have a primordial connection with nature that for us, is best achieved through exploration with a fly rod. Our Tsimané guides brought us into their jungle, back in time to a lost world of primitive living, giving us the opportunity to catch a Golden Dorado, one of the most possessed fish that swims. The Amazon wilderness holds many mysteries, but we found out for ourselves that the real treasures of the jungle live beneath the canopy, and swim through its pristine rivers. From the lowland tropics to the high altitudes of the Cordillera.
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