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The legend of El Dorado triggered the golden age of exploration. European explorers risked injury and death in their quest for gold and glory. Today, a select few modern age explorers and adventurous anglers will have the opportunity to experience the essence of that quest.

Anglers dream to fish in unexplored waters and feel the adrenaline rush of discovery. Experience the pinnacle of fly fishing, and return home with a story that demands respect.

Join Angling Frontiers on its epic Fly Fishing Expeditions and traverse uncharted terrain in the search for your own GOLDEN treasure. Let us show you that the planet still holds places untouched by the hand of man. Let us bring you once again, to the golden age.

Why We Do What We Do.

We started this company based on one thing, the passion for fishing. The passion we shared for fishing and adventure is something that took us to places we couldn’t of even imagined in our wildest dreams.

Like true explorers at heart, we ventured to countless remote places, until we had discovered what can best be described as PARADISE. This was the farthest that we had ever gone into the wilderness, and what we found was too precious and too magnificent to ignore or keep to ourselves; we needed to protect this haven and share it with the world.

It was then that we made a decision to commit to this area and its people, and begin the project of our lives; Angling Frontiers: Conservation through catch and release sport fishing.



This expedition takes you through the Casare River, exploring the diverse
jungle fishing scenarios for golden dorado and the variety of species present. Enjoying the comforts of Casare Camp, our guests will have a go at fishing key spots on the Casare River and its tributaries, concentrating on the numerous runs and structure throughout.


We take our more adventurous guests to even more remote areas of the headwaters. This is the epitome of adventure angling, not for the faint of heart. Only a limited number of anglers will have the opportunity to enjoy this unique angling experience every season. This is not just a fishing trip, it is a JUNGLE ADVENTURE.


Golden Dorados, Silver Dorados, Yatoranas, and the list goes on! Check out our available fish species ready to be discovered.


“We were recently part of an expedition to explore the amazing Bolivian jungle chasing large Golden Dorado and would like to send special thanks to Patrick and the hardworking local guides for providing an exciting but comfortable journey into their paradise. During the trip we were well looked after by the friendly guides and Patrick was very knowledgeable on the area and able to adapt to our needs. The trip exceeded our expectations and where able to catch large Dorado in a beautiful surrounding jungle environment, we are eagerly looking forward to heading back with Angling Frontiers on our next adventure back to Bolivia”.

Nick Whitby (New Zealand)


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