The Camps

Casare Camp Our Main Camp is quite comfortable, fully equipped and will serve as our HQ. The use of large safari tents with comfortable beds and our meshed in dining room will help our anglers feel at home in the jungle, with minimum impact. Guests will have the use of our fully functional bathrooms, which include showers, flushable toilets, sinks, and power/lighting. Our electricity is provided by a combination of solar batteries/panels, and gasoline powered generators. Comforts in Casare Camp are plenty, and we have a full service crew attentive to all of our clients’ needs, 24/7.



Expedition Camps Expedition fly camps are made on the spot, but are well equipped and comfortable. Our staff is very experienced in setting these up quickly and efficiently. These camps are needed during extensive explorations that take us far away from our main camp, so that we do not have a need to return to camp. These have a slightly more rustic style, but still have solar shower bags set up and out-house style toilets. These fly camps not only allow us to fish more remote waters, but also more of the outdoors wilderness experience is enjoyed: bathing in the river (if you so choose), sleep closer to the jungle, hear more sounds all around your tent, and wake up to the chorus of a diversity of bird calls at sunrise. Animal tracks can be seen around the campsites and monkeys and other fauna will come check you out! Feel the excitement of the jungle from our expedition camps, yet still have a comfortable camp to eat, sleep and rest in.

Main Camp Highlights

  • Specialized Tents: BareBones tents have proven to have a quality and innovative design for durable and all-weather safari tents. (Both expeditions are double-occupancy)
  • Sleeping Accommodations: At our main camp, guests will enjoy the comfort of a bed, sheets and a pillow, nightstand, fan and essentially everything needed for our guests’ extra comfort. Cool nights usually help resting easy. Each tent will have enough walking space where you will be able to easily move and accommodate and organize your personal belongings in your personal clothes rack.
  • Dining Area: Our dining room is quite spacious and comfortable, doubling up as our hang out area as well. Our meshed windows keep bugs outside so that guests can relax without the annoyance of biting insects, and stay protected from even the harshest tropical elements. The dining room is always stocked with wine, beer, cold drinks, bottled drinking water, hot water (tea/coffee), liquor, and snacks. There are also cards and dice for the occasional game.
  • Washrooms and Showers: Our bathrooms are fully equipped. Each bathroom has two showers/changing areas, and two toilet cubicles, as well as a sink/mirror. We also have outdoor tin urinals in order to conserve water. Water pressure is constant and the water is taken straight from the river.
  • Power Source: Gasoline generators and solar batteries power our main camp. You can charge your electronics whenever you need in designated areas. Speakers will be available for playing music from any device with an AUX port or wireless via bluetooth. The dining area will also have fans to keep the temperature cooler during the day.

Expedition Camp Highlights

  • Solar Batteries: Only solar batteries will be available at the Expedition Camps, and they will provide us with a lighted camp, and also available to charge electronics (limited use to conserve energy).
  • Domed Tents: At our expedition camps we will use extra-large rectangular domed tents. Each guest will enjoy the comfort of their own where campsites allow. Sometimes campsite conditions are limited in space, so we pair up two people per tent, but still are comfortable and each angler has more than enough living space to organize their belongings.
  • Sleeping Accommodations: We will provide extra large cots and a tent light. Each tent will have enough walking space and storage where you will be able to easily and efficiently accommodate your personal belongings. Guests must bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Washrooms: Our expedition camps will have out-house styled bathrooms with actual toilet seats built inside a small tent enclosure, and are maintained to keep clean facilities for your use. Toilets are set up to be used in classic “out-house” fashion, pouring sand/ash into the pit after each use.
  • Showers: Our showers will be built using solar heating bags in a shower house set up. Plastic tarp will be used to give guests the proper privacy at any time of day, and also to protect from insects. Each guest will have to bring their own toiletries.
  • Dining Area: A large no-see-um meshed screen house is used for the dining and social area. Guests will be able to enjoy each meal and relax without insects, and still get to enjoy a cool breeze through the mesh. The screened area is large enough to be comfortable for all guests and still allow some moving space. There will be lights set up inside and outside to provide proper lighting. Also, a cooler with cold drinks, beer, bottled water and liquor will be arranged every day.  

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