The Community

One of our main goals at Angling Frontiers is to, while protecting the environment, also protect the cultural integrity and way of life of the Tsimane people. To achieve this, we have formed an alliance with the indigenous communities. We joined forces in protecting their flora, fauna, and culture. Angling Frontiers aims to show the world the Tsimane people’s unique home and their fascinating life. It is necessary also, to educate people about the factors that threaten the existence of this unique land and people. Among these, are ecological degradation, loss of biodiversity and loss of cultural identity. Illegal merchants enter their land to trick them into trading for all the natural resources they have available: Palm thatching and hardwoods. Working together, we will be able to stop the illegal logging and other illegal resource extractions that have plagued the area in the past, and attempt to rekindle the value placed on Tsimane traditions. We want to show the Tsimane people that they can make a better living through tourism, whilst protecting their home and securing a future for their children. With the benefits from tourism, we will succeed in showing them the importance of conserving the flora and fauna that surrounds them, through a sustainable-use approach, and conserving this ecosystem and unique fishery for a common benefit. With this conservation project through catch-and-release sport fishing, we aim to contribute to their communities with not only funding, but also through job opportunities, education, alternative project development and with an all-around improvement in their standard of living.
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