Expedition Casare- Discover “El Dorado”

This fishing program is designed to give a complete experience of what its like to fish for golden dorado in the furthest stretches of its home range; the unique situation where golden dorado meet Amazon jungle. The idea is to give the angler various fishing situations that will allow him to experience and learn the feeding and predatory behavior of dorado. From fishing the woody structure of the lower Casare River, to fishing the boulder-riddled clear water of the upper sector, the Casare River offers a tremendous opportunity to experience jungle fishing for golden dorado at its finest. Anglers will be able to pursue golden dorado, yatorana, surubi, and other game species on the fly, and if they choose to, also try out some bait fishing for giant catfish, armored catfish and surubi.

Clients will stay at our main camp, Camp Casare.  We split into two groups in order to rotate through our designated beats for this fishing program, and to give our clients a more personalized service. Two to three anglers per english speaking pro fly guide. Fishing rotations are set so that anglers have the opportunity to fish fresh beats, but also so that fish can get the opportunity to rest. The ultimate goal is to experiment dorado fishing in various jungle angling scenarios, while getting to experience the Tsimane culture and the unparalleled beauty of the landscape they call home. Join us and see this jungle mecca for yourself…you will be glad you did!

Tentative Itinerary

Please remember that, due to unpredictable weather conditions and other potential external factors, the fly fishing expedition Itineraries are subject to change.

8 Days /6.5 Days Fishing
Day 0
  •  Viru Viru (VVI) Airport: Hotel staff member will be at VVI waiting for you.
  • Transfer to Hotel Buganvillas Suites and Spa Check-In: Rest for an early morning departure to our destination. (one night included in your package)(Double occupancy)(Single occupancy upon request and extra cost)
Day 1
  •  Early Breakfast: Enjoy Buganvillas Suites and Spa highly commended buffet breakfast.
  • Chartered Flight to Jungle Airstrip: Transfer to our local airport, and prepare for cessna flight. Estimated flight time: 2:35 hours.
  • Arrive at jungle airstrip and begin transfer to our first fly camp via dugout boat.
  • Fishing-on-the-go: Fish the woody structure and runs of the lower Casare River as boats are pushed upstream by our crew and guides.
  • Set up our fly camp for the night. Fish around the area until dark, then return for dinner and rest.
Day 2
  • Early Breakfast.
  • We will fish our way up towards Casare Camp. Anglers will take turns, two at a time, at each opportunity to cover structure and runs on our way upriver. Some very productive areas along this way, which, with proper skills, should produce a good sized dorado for each angler.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue pushing upriver: Fish runs and structure, taking turns respectively, on our way upriver towards main camp.
  • Arrive at Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 3
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Split into two teams, two anglers per team. A) fishes beats in mid Casare. B) fishes beats in lower Pachene.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats for group A and B.
  • Return to Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 4
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Team A) fishes Mid-upper Casare. B) fishes Lower-mid Pachene River.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats for group A and B.
  • Set up fly camp at designated zone. Fish around the area until dark.
  • Return to fly camp for dinner and rest.
Day 5
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Team A) Fishes upper Casare. B) Fishes Mid-Upper Pachene.
  • Shore lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats.
  • Return to fly camp for dinner and rest.
Day 6
    • Early Breakfast.
    • Each of the two teams fishes their our way back downriver.
    • Shore Lunch.
    • Continue fishing downriver to Casare Camp.
    • Arrive to Casare Camp for dinner and rest.


Day 7
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Split into two teams and fish beats around the area.
  • Return to Casare Camp to finish packing and have lunch.
  • Fish our way downriver to our previous fly camp location. Fish in points of interest on our way down.
  • Arrive to set fly camp, dinner and rest.
Day 8
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Jungle Airstrip: Make our way down river to catch our flight back to the city of Santa Cruz.
  • Packed Lunch: Eat on our way to the jungle airstrip and ensure travel efficiency.
  • Arrive at airstrip and catch flight back to Santa Cruz. 
  • Transfer back to Hotel: If your flight does not leave this night, it will be your second night at Buganvillas Suites & Spa. (not included in package)
  • If your flight leaves this evening, transfer back to Viru Viru Int’l Airport will be arranged for you.
Day 9
  • Early Breakfast: Enjoy your last breakfast buffet at Buganvillas Suites & Spa.
  • Departure: Angling Frontiers will have arranged your transfer to Viru Viru (VVI) Airport for your departure back home.
    Additional Stay: If your returning flight requires you to stay another day, please request in advance (at your own cost) an additional night at the hotel (not included in the package).
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