In the vast wilderness areas of Bolivia, there are still places untouched by man, places that hold unthinkable beauty. It is in places like this that biodiversity is at its highest expression. The Casare’ River is located in an indigenous territory that boasts an unbroken expanse of jungle and incredible biodiversity. Found nestled in the meeting point between the Bolivian Amazon and the Eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, it is, to say the least, one of the most isolated and remote places in the world. Its inaccessibility has granted its protection for millennia.

Now, we have a committed ourselves to protect this delicate ecosystem from illegal resource extraction and development, by means of attracting attention to its beauty through sport fishing. With the help of dedicated adventurous anglers, providing the funds needed for us to create jobs to serve as an economic incentive. In return for the economic benefits, locals and authorities will cooperate with us and ensure the health of this unique fishery for future generations to enjoy.

Our Fishery.  There are few places in the world that have so many good things going on at the same time, as it happens here in our rivers. The landscape is undoubtedly breathtaking, with its lush jungle covering the hills and mountains that choke the banks of this clear water river. The isolation and remoteness of this area has kept it pristine, holding healthy populations of fish in quantities seldom seen nowadays in any river. The structure of the river itself allows for this particular fishery to be fished by wading or drifting, and even offer opportunities to sight cast at fish. The most unique characteristic of our fishery though, is the ability to catch trophy golden dorado (and an array of other species) on the fly, in a small mountain-stream-type river. In addition, you are surrounded by jungle that is alive with a seemingly infinite collection of plants, and the wildlife that interacts with it. The opportunity to become a part such a setting, is what makes this fishery so special. Learn more interesting facts and characteristics about the Golden Dorado and other exotic Amazonian species here.
The Quest for Gold. Nobody ever said it would be easy. Most of the fishing is done by wading in the river, through slippery rocks and boulders. The jungle has a lot of tricky ground and there are always things to look out for in this wild landscape.The insects and the elements can pose a challenge. However, no place worth seeing, is easy to get to, and nothing worth doing, is easy to do. This place represents just that, and is the epitome of wilderness, likely one of the most remote and wild places you will ever visit. It is an experience most believe has been lost to development decades ago. With Angling Frontiers, we aim to join the excitement of fishing and exploration, and share it with adventurous anglers worldwide!

“Among the various guide operations I have worked or fished with around the world, there are two factors that make this one stand out: First, no other outfit in the world will take you to places as remote and virgin as this and second, I have yet to meet a guide that has more enthusiasm and passion for the wild as Patrick. During my trip we dealt with some of the worst weather conditions I’ve ever had on a fishing trip but Patrick and his Tsimane team saw to it that the uncontrollable conditions didn’t keep us down–we were constantly busy learning about and observing what is one of the most incredible places on earth. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that most people will only experience on television.”

Matt Hutchinson


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