Anglers are responsible for their own insurance and is highly recommended to begin your adventure. Nothing beats traveling with peace of mind.

Angling Frontiers recommends the use of travel insurance, in case of delayed flights, lost connections, or lost baggage. In addition, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND medical evacuation services. It is unlikely that you will use them, however, there is always a possibility that you might need them. For these unexpected situations, especially being in such a remote location, it is essential to have coverage.

Angling Frontiers has partnered with Global Rescue, the finest medical, security and evacuation membership available for travelers. Global Rescue is also the world’s leading provider in med-evac services. They are one of the best in the industry and will provide critical advisory, response and evacuation services when they are needed most. Without this type of coverage, medical extractions can be complicated and extremely expensive. Global Rescue offers you their services for a fraction of the cost. They have Short Term Memberships and are very affordable. Global Rescue provides memberships starting at $119. Click here for more info.

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