Ajises – Fly Fishing the Bolivian Amazon


Reaching the waters of Ajises, a mythical stretch of river untouched by the hand of man, is a challenge for the spirited adventurer. We were anglers, explorers, naturalists, and indigenous Tsimané all the same, eyes wide with the prospect of gold when we launched our dugouts into the unspoiled wilderness. During the ascent, exotic plants and birds and insects are broadcasted with striking diversity, and the richness of the Amazon jungle is revealed. It is here, where the life giving water flows down off the flanks of the Andes Mountains to feed a thriving food chain. And it is at the top of this food chain, where a divine species of fish is challenged by no other Рthe Golden Dorado РThe Jaguar of the River. The instincts of this apex predator to eat anything in its path are triggered by the frantic movements of the anglers fly. An explosive battle with a monster transpires between the boulders of Ajises and a slab of gold is brought to hand. The fish, a symbol of pristine Amazonia, is returned to her jungle domain and we return to ours, enriched by the pursuit.

Expeditions to the Bolivian Amazon:

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