Dining in the Wild

Our goal is to provide you with a great culinary experience to compliment your adventure and angling experiences. Our cooks will prepare 3 meals a day for our guests to enjoy. Because we want you to have a taste of Bolivia, some meals will be either traditional local dishes or locally “inspired” dishes. For the adventurous eaters, there will be opportunities to try various jungle snacks and treats. Our cooks will also prepare some international dishes. Local fresh ingredients will be used so that our guests can experience a bit of the delicious bounties the jungle has to offer!

Breakfast Details

Breakfast will be particularly filling, with a variety of protein and carbs to get your day started with the necessary fuel. Your breakfast buffet will consist of scrambled eggs or egg tortillas with sausage and vegetables, potatoes, bacon, ham, cheese, bread, jelly and butter, pancakes or crepes, bread, cheese fritters, empanadas, and various others among a selection of local fresh fruit.Tea, coffee, mate and juice will be served every morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we make sure you make the most out of it!

Lunch Details

Since lunchtime will usually find us out fishing in a random spot in the middle of the wilderness, we will have previously prepared meals for lunch. This will, of course, give you more time out on the water, and increase your chances at catching that trophy of a lifetime! Our chef will prepare sandwiches, salads, and local dishes and snacks with beef jerky that will not only be delicious and filling, but also give you the energy needed to finish your day of fishing. Nuts, cereal bars and dried fruit will keep your appetite entertained in between. Cold bottled water and beverages will keep you hydrated. If the fishing rotation brings us to have lunch in main camp, we will arrange a full buffet style lunch with various sides (plantains, yucca, potatoes, fresh vegetables, rice, beans, salad, pasta, etc) and usually steak, fish or chicken as the main protein. Either way, we do everything possible to keep our clients appetite satisfied and entertained, so that they can concentrate on their hunt for dorado!

Dinner Details

Before dinner, our guests enjoy appetizers with Serrano ham, smoked and cured meats, salami, various cheeses, olives and sausage along with some red wine, beer or a mixed drink to accompany these. The menu: Our cook will prepare Bolivian beef, chicken, pork or fish as the protein to our meals. Sides will include rice, pasta, salad, potatoes, yucca, plantains, vegetables, and other delicious ingredients either grown on site, or brought by Cessna to our camps. Our camp cook will work hard to give you nutritionally complete and delicious meals and keep you satisfied throughout your expedition. Local liquor, beer, and wine will be served in the evenings after your day of fishing, a time when guests can unwind and share stories of the days adventure!

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