Expedition Pachene – The Journey to a Fly Fishing Paradise

When we were all kids, we had Disney World or Magic Kingdom… now as adults and crazy fly fishermen, we have Pachene. This expedition takes us through the Casare River and up to our main camp only to prepare for what is to come. From there we embark on a journey that takes four lucky anglers to explore a fly fishing paradise only recently open to anglers worldwide. The goal of this experience is to take our guests into the pristine ecosystem that is found at the headwaters of this pristine jungle river ecosystem . It is here that our anglers will have an opportunity to experience an ecosystem that has made a masterpiece of nature together with dorado, surubi and other of our charismatic game species. It is in these headwaters that these fish have found their place, far and removed from any disturbance, and have maintained their dominion over the river. We often encounter large schools of big dorado, sometimes 20 or more strong, and  all swimming in crystal clear shallow water. Along the shore of shallow boulder fields, surubi can be spotted cruising in search for a meal, while dorado are hunting sabalo in the same shallow pocket! Schools of giant sabalo circle around all over and yatorana and tabarana sit virtually behind every fallen tree or boulder along the shore. You can expect to wade all day through the river and even bush-wack a bit, but the rewards heavily outweigh the challenges. Throughout most of the fishing done in these headwaters, you will be sight fishing in crystal clear water for dorado, surubi, yatorana, tabarana and occasionally other catfish species.  For the lack of a better description, it is what every fly angler would dream of. Runs, eddies, huge boulders and boulder fields with pocket water that seem endless, and even extensive shallow sand flats, are all part of the diverse array of fishing scenarios encountered in this expedition. This experience is the closest we have ever been to heaven, and we believe that our guests will understand why when they see it. Join us on this expedition and become one of the first and lucky few that get to fish this exclusive destination!

Tentative Itinerary

Please remember that, due to unpredictable weather conditions and other potential external factors, expedition itineraries are subject to change.

8 Days /6.5 Days Fishing
Day 0
  • Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) Airport Meet: Hotel staff will be at VVI waiting for you.
  • Transfer to Hotel Buganvillas Suites and Spa – Check-In: Rest for an early morning departure to camps. (This one night included in your package)
Day 1
  • Early Breakfast at hotel.
  • Transfer to our local airport, catch flight to the jungle airstrip. Estimated flight time: 2:35 hours
  • Transfer to expedition fly camp: Upon reaching the jungle airstrip, begin travel to our first expedition fly camp via dugout boat.
  • Fishing-on-the-go: Fish woody structure and runs as boats make way upriver, experience lowland river fishing scenarios.
  • Our crew sets up the expedition fly camp. Anglers fish surrounding area until dark, return to fly camp for dinner and rest.
Day 2
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Continue upriver, fishing on every opportunity, taking turns respectively.
  • Shore lunch.
  • Continue fishing our way up to Casare Camp, and upon arrival split into two teams to fish surrounding areas and the home pool.
  • Arrive at Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 3
  • Early Breakfast
  • Begin expedition to headwaters of Pachene. Fish our way upriver.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Continue fishing our way upriver to the expedition campsite.
  • Arrive at Expedition Campsite, and set up our fly camp while anglers fish the surrounding area in two teams. Return to camp for dinner and rest.
Day 4
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Split group into two teams. A) fishes beat 1   B) fishes beat 2.
  • Shore Lunch.
  • Each team continues fishing assigned beats for the day.
  • Return to expedition camp for dinner and rest.
Day 5
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Split into teams again. A) Fishes beat 2   B) Fishes beat 1
  • Shore lunch.
  • Continue fishing assigned beats for the day.
  • Return back to expedition camp for dinner and rest.
Day 6
  • Early Breakfast.
  • Regroup and fish our way back downriver.
  • Packed lunch on the go.
  • Continue fishing our way down to Casare Camp.
  • Arrive at Casare Camp for dinner and rest.
Day 7
  • Early Breakfast. Finish packing items.
  • Split in two teams and fish around Casare Camp.
  • Return to Casare Camp for Lunch.
  • Fish downriver towards fly camp site 1.
  • Arrive at fly camp site, set up fly camp while clients fish around camp until dark.
  • Return to fly camp for dinner and rest.
Day 8
  •  Early Breakfast.
  • Transfer downriver straight to jungle airstrip.
  • Snack en route to airstrip.
  • Arrive at jungle airstrip, and catch flight back to Santa Cruz.
  • Transfer from domestic airport to hotel. Last night at Buganvillas Hotel.(single occupancy available upon request-not included)

If you have a departure this evening: We will arrange an airport transfer for you to Viru Viru (VVI) International Airport.


Day 9
  • Breakfast at Buganvillas Hotel.
  • We have pre-arranged for hotel staff to transfer you to Viru Viru International Airport (VVI).


Additional Stay: If your flight requires you to book extra nights, please request in advance at your own cost (not included in the package)

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